College Acceptance Results 2018

Thank you and congratulations for your accomplishments! Your pro-active spirit, determination, perseverance, and hard work are paid off!


Natasha Ong (SAT/ACT/Full Elite College Consulting) • MIT (accepted) • Fall 2018

Hye Young Ra (Elite Open School) • ICU (accepted) • Fall 2018 – Waiting for results from more colleges.

Jurika Iriyama (SAT/College Essay/Consulting) • Tulane Univ. with Scholarship (accepted) and Loyola Marymount (accepted) Waiting for more results • Fall 2018

Marin Yamada (SAT/ACT & SAT Subject at Elite Tokyo) • Stanford University • Fall 2017

Willis Ong (SAT/ACT/SAT Subjects at Elite Tokyo) has been accepted at MIT • Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Fall 2017 • Congratulations, Willis!

Ami Lee (SAT/ACT • College Essay • College Consulting) • Waseda University • 2017

Helena Lindgren (SAT/ACT • College Consulting) • University College London • 2017

Emi Tsuzukibashi (SAT studies) • Temple University2016/17

Anni Wong (SAT studies) • Meiji University2016/17

Hwa Won Park (Elite Open School)University of Texas • Fall 2017






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