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SAT / SAT Subject / AP / SSAT

You first need to schedule and take SAT Diagnostic Test at our campus. We will then have an evaluation session with the student and the parent(s) based on the result of the SAT Diagnostic Test,  discuss and suggest an effective plan for SAT Preparation study. These steps are essential in order to have a desirable outcome.

先ず、私たちのキャンパスにてSAT診断テストを受験する必要があります。 その後、SAT診断テスト結果に基づき学生本人と親御さんとの評価セッションをもち、SAT準備学習についてより効果的な計画について話し合い実践に移ります。 私たちのこのステップは、あなたにとってもっとも望ましい結果を得るために不可欠なものとなります。

Again, the necessary steps for SAT Preparation studies with Elite Tokyo:

  1. Schedule an SAT Diagnostic Test at Elite Campus,
  2. Take SAT Diagnostic Test (4.5 hrs. Bring a math calculator),
  3. Schedule SAT Preparation consulting meeting, with one of our experienced college counselors, for SAT studies.

To reserve a day for SAT Diagnostic Test, please call us at 03-6416-9836 today. 

SAT Weekend Studies (Saturday)

For those taking the official SAT Test, we offer SAT • Test and Review Courses on Saturdays. Register and reserve your spot in the class today!

• Every Saturday

• 9AM to 1:00PM

• REVIEW: 2PM to 6PM

We have limited space for the boot camp, and we recommend that you register and secure your spot early.

Contact our office (03-6416-9836) today.

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