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Interview of Jungen Ono on the Experience at Elite Open School Tokyo and University

Class: EOS LRC graduate, SAT Bootcamp, SAT Countdown, College Application

Accepted Colleges: Keio University • Fall 2022, Waseda University • Fall 2022

Experience of Takahiro Ochi at Elite Open School Tokyo

Class: SAT Bootcamp, SAT Countdown, SAT Tutorial, College Application

Accepted College: Boston University • Fall 2023

So far, my experience at Elite Open School has been outstanding as it has provided me with countless support for both my English literature improvement and college application process. Many superiorly-skilled teachers are available at Elite and they always cooperate with me step-by-step to complete some hard tasks to achieve the desired goal and beyond what I was able to imagine. What I love the most about Elite Open School is the close and direct bonding between students and teachers. The small sized institution established an environment where students could comfortably create a strong relationship with those teachers that were easily reachable for help. For instance, a person-to-person assistance in a college application course has enabled me to discover personal motives for essays and life itself. Such a unique strength of Elite Open School, combined with its easily accessible location, has enabled me to devote myself to academic advancement continuously for the last two and a half years.

Experience of H. Ra at Elite Open School Tokyo

Class: EOS LRC graduate, SAT Bootcamp, SAT Countdown, College Application

Accepted College: International Christian University • Fall 2018

Elite Open School disciplined me to be independent and mature throughout my high school years. Due to its unique school system that allows students to learn autonomously and actively, I learned how to schedule my own class, actively participate or initiate class projects, and independently and fully get in charge of my school life. This has helped me grow into an independent, self-sufficient, and self-motivated student throughout my time at college and will continue to aid me in the future. I would like to thank the school and the teachers for all the valuable life-long lessons, opportunities, and enlightenments. I will treasure all the memories and education I have gained at Elite for life. Thank you Elite!

Accepted Colleges List 2022

North America: Johns Hopkins University, UCLA, Swarthmore College, Fordham University, Northeastern University, University of Oregon, Seattle University, University of Illinois-Chicago, University of Washington, San Diego State University, CSU-Fullerton, Boston University, University of Virginia, Chapman University, Hesston College

UK: University of Edinburgh, London School of Economics, University of Loughborough, University of Bath, University of Brighton

• APAC: Keio University, Waseda University

Accepted Colleges List 2021

• North America: Boston College, Columbia University, CSU Bakersfield, Indiana University, MIT, New York University, Northeastern University, Penn State University, Purdue University, Swarthmore College, Tulane University, UC -Berkeley -Davis -Irvine -LA -San Diego, University of Colorado -Boulder -Denver, University of Illinois -Chicago -Urbana Champaign, University of Southern California, University of Washington Seattle, University of Wisconsin Madison, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto

UK: Imperial College London, King’s College London, Loughborough University, Royal Holloway University of London, University College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Exeter, University of Manchester, University of Sheffield

Other: International Christian University, Keio University, Rikkyo University, Seoul National University, Tokyo International University, Sophia University, Temple University, United Int’ School of Business, Waseda University

Accepted Colleges List 2020

• USA: Duke University, University of California Irvine, University of California San Diego, University of Illinois Chicago, University of the Sciences at Philadelphia, University of Texas Houston

UK: Imperial College London, University College London, King’s College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester

Other: Waseda University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Seoul National University, Charles University 1st and 3rd Faculties of Medicine, Masaryk University 1st Faculty of Medicine

Y. H. • Johns Hopkins University • Early Decision, Fall 2022

Jungen O. (Elite Open School) • Keio University• Fall 2022

R. N. • Keio University• Fall 2021

Taiga H. • Keio University• Fall 2018

A. M. • Swarthmore College • Early Decision, Fall 2021

M. T. • Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Fall 2021

Natasha O. • Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Fall 2018

William O. •Massachusetts Institute of Technology •  Fall 2017

J. E. • Columbia University • Fall 2021

J. C. • UC Berkeley • Fall 2021

J. C., T. Y. • University of California San Diego • Fall 2021

M. I. • University of California San Diego • Fall 2020

Cai R. • University of California San Diego • Fall 2019

Y. K. • Duke University • Fall 2020

S. P. • UCLA • Fall 2020

Marin Y. • Stanford University • Fall 2017

J. C. • University of Southern California • Fall 2021

S. P. • University of Southern California • Fall 2020

Jurika I. • University of Southern California • Fall 2018

T. Y. • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign• Fall 2021

Guido B. • University of Texas, Houston• Fall 2020

Roberto B. • University of Texas, Houston• Fall 2018

Hwa Won P. (Elite Open School)University of Texas • Fall 2017

S. M. • University of Toronto• Fall 2021

M. I. • Imperial College London • 2020

S. M. • University of Manchester • 2021

M. I. • University College London • 2020

Helena L. • University College London • 2017

Y. K. • Seoul National University• Fall 2020

M. S • Waseda University • 2020

Ami L. • Waseda University • 2017

M. S. • Aoyama Gakuin University • 2021

H. Ra (Elite Open School) • International Christian University • Fall 2018 

Gaku S. • International Christian University • Fall 2018 

K. W. • Rikkyo University • 2021

T. Y. • Rikkyo University • 2021

Anna W. • Meiji University • 2016/17

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