Register for the following Fall Programs:

• FIRST STEPS NEW!Beginners’ English program encompasses the range of skills and knowledge of the English language.  The program includes reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary; and classroom activity for discussion, drama, and more. The class meets twice a week on  Monday and Thursday. Please inquire more at the campus desk. Call 03-6416-9836.

ファーストステップNEW! この初級英語のプログラムでは、英語のスキルや知識の範囲を広くカーバします。このプログラムでは、英語の文法と語彙、そして読むこと全てに関する学習が行われます。討論、演劇などの学習活動も含まれています。授業は毎週月曜日と木曜日、週2回行われます。このプログラムには、小学生と中学生が参加します。詳細につきましてはキャンパスデスクにてお問い合わせください。お電話 03-6416-9836

• DRAMA ENGLISH – Elementary & Middle School Students. Not only learning English but also the culture and the emotions behind words and sentences. This is the hottest junior English program now in our Shanghai Elite campuses… 小中学生

• BOOK CLUBS – All Students. Book Clubs continue to be our winner to prepare pre-SAT students for the improvement of speedy reading, accurate comprehension, writing styles, and etc. 全レベル

• READING STREET – Grade 1-5. Beginner academic English which gives a solid foundation for basic English diction, grammars, vocabularies, literature and so, for beginning juniors. 1年生〜5年生

• Speech and Debates – all level students for logic building, structural writing, conceptual development, and debating skills… 全レベル

• PRIVATE/GROUP TUTOR – SAT対策, SAT Subject, AP対策, IB, SSAT, TOEFL相談, Essays, アメリカ大学入試College Application Workshop, and so. Please inquire about any academic subject for the students. (Math, Science, English, Humanities, etc.)

*Please contact our office for more information in the below contact form, or Call us at 03-6416-9836 today!